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Kailash Nadh on Zerodha's Tech Stack


India's largest discount broker executing more than 10 million orders a day.

Kailash Nadh:

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Zerodha.

His hiring philosophy:

He looks more for life principles rather than the skillset they have. Because according to him anyone who is good philosophically and align with company's values can pickup and learn a tech stack just in 3 months or so.

While hiring he said he'll have deep unfiltered conversations with the applicant about life and his/her views on life. And he looks for hobby projects while hiring (attach a snapshot of that frontend intern).

He even believes self taught programmers are the one's who are better because in programming you learn stuff by building, you cannot just become a good by enrolling in a course or going to college.

First design principles:

Zerodha has everything in house from ticketing systems to backend office as they call. He said just by using in house tech rather than saas[1] they contribute to 2-3% of profitability.

Reducing bloats[2] on code will impact 5-10 years down the line. They've very optimized their code very well that Nithin said even they scaled very largely their tech cost haven't gone up. Zerodha has ~30 people in tech team.

His views on AI:

Him being experienced makes sense to use ai to solve small problems but a beginner should be better not using AI but figure out on their own, cuz making mistakes is what makes everyone learn. That too in programming.

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